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Class Schedule 

Join a class! We offer classes on land and classes in the pool. Many classes are included with your Aqua, Fit, or AquaFit membership. Others require an additional cost. See each class schedule table for details. Scroll to bottom to see descriptions of each class.

Not a member? Classes can be attended $9 drop-in, or you can receive a day pass for $10 if you come with a member, or $15 if you come without a member. 

Pool Classes

All classes listed, with the exception of swim lessons, are included with Aqua Memberships. Classes are $9 drop-in if you are not a member.

What you need for a pool class: a bathing suit, a towel for the pool, water, a snack for after class, and we recommend bringing a change of clothes. Some participants choose to wear swim caps and pool shoes to prevent slips and falls.


Please shower prior to entering the pool and dry off as much as possible before returning to the locker room. Thank you!

Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday     Friday

10:30 Sr Fit Aerobics    8:30 Range Of Motion   10:30 Sr Fit Aerobics    8:30 Range Of Motion        10:30 Sr Fit Aerobics
4:30 Let's Pump It Up   10:30 Aqua Aerobics    4:30 Let's Pump It Up   10:30 Aqua Aerobics
                                   5:30 Aqua Aerobics                                       5:30 Aqua Aerobics

The pool is closed 1-2:30 Monday - Friday

Land Classes

All classes listed are included with Memberships, unless otherwise noted. Classes are $9 drop-in if you are not a member.

What you need for a land class: comfortable clothing, gym shoes, and we recommend bringing water. For yoga, we recommend bare feet and bringing your own mat.

Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday      Thursday  Friday

8:45-10 Abs & Toning                9 Spin                                     8:45 Abs & Cardio Kickboxing             9 Spin                                         8:20 HIIT
12-1 Strength & Balance       10 Seated Strength & Balance        12-1 Strength & Balance                10 Seated Strength & Balance
                                         11 Seated Strength & Balance                                                          11 Seated Strength & Balance

Personal Training/Group Personal Training

For personal training and group training options, please see our Membership and Training page.

Class Descriptions

Abs – 15 minutes of abdominal exercises, geared towards strengthening the abdominal muscles.  In this class you use the stability ball, medicine ball, and some exercises on the mats.


Aqua exercise - A combination of Strengthening, toning, low impact - fun aquatic class.

Aquatic Toning and Strengthening - Combo of strengthening and cardio exercises designed to tone and build muscular endurance in an aquatic environment.  It's a quick and fun way to get your workout done in 45 minutes.  The class will focus on either total body, upper body, or lower body.  All levels of fitness.

Interval – This class brings your heart rate up for a quick period, back down with a brief “working” rest, and then back up again.  To get the heart rate up you utilize some plyometric moves, strengthening exercises, and aerobics.  There are always modifications offered for those with some restrictions.

Interval Training – Intervals of strength/weight training alternating with cardio/aerobic conditioning sets.  Use of hand held weights between intervals of cardio, basic step, and dance movements.  Class also includes muscle specific and abdominal work, and stretching.

Kickboxing – Want to tone those legs and arms?  Come to this class.  There are about four basic punches and a few kicks but when put all together the routines are endless.  The class is about 45 minutes of aerobic exercise and then finishes with some abdominal exercises.

Range of Motion Pool Class - This class builds your range of motion in a soothing, heated pool environment, using exercises designed to build muscular endurance and strength.


Senior Aquatic Exercise - This class is designed to enhance range of motion, build strength, and increase flexibility with low impact movements.

Senior Seated Balance & Strength – This is a seated class that focuses on improving range of motion and strengthening exercises.

Strength and Toning - High energy exercise working on strength and flexibility.


Toning and Cardio - High energy exercise working on cardio, strength and flexibility.

Strength & Balance - This class is to improve Balance and overall strength. We incorporate standing, seated and floor exercises. 



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